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Maverick Gawain

Maverick Gawain(pronounced Ju-Wan) is an artist from the North side of Chicago, IL . He started rhyming at the age of fourteen inspired by the lyrics of NaS, "It ain't hard to tell" which led him to become a young MC himself.

In 2010 Maverick established his production company DREEM KATCHER MUSIC where he began to take the necessary steps to branch out and market himself. In 2011 IMAV released his first mixtape, Pardon My French putting him on the local and internet radar. Maverick’s constant hustle, dedication and passion for music led to him releasing 4 more projects after the first was so well received entitled “Dream Katcher”, “Leaving You To Find Me”,Leaving You To Find Me AGAIN”, and his latest released “Stay At Home” all projects being self produced.

In 2012 IMAV was named by the highly regarded as Artist of they Year, which lead him to LA where he was a featured artist opening for the legendary West Coast MC, Tash of the Alkaholiks which also led to him calling the left coast home for the past couple of years. As of lately Maverick is working on closing out his “Leaving You To Find Me” series with closing project “Leaving You To Find Me 4EVER” expected to release at the end of 2020.

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