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Juno Lost Kause

Miguel Vazquez, known as Juno Lost Kause, is a bilingual artist/songwriter born in Florida,yet raised in Chicago. He's known for his incredibly fast rapping skills and dope lyrical content, as heard in his 7 track Fuck a Hook series. However, as of late, he has evolved into creating spanglish trap, as heard in "Brujeria", dance hall rap, as showcased in "You Got Me", and his most versatile of the cross genres yet, a mixture of hip hop and soul, as heard in his newly released track "Butterflies".

Juno Lost Kause has toured the United States several times, and is the artist you'd turn to for music everyone could enjoy. His versatility is unmatched and his unique style sets him apart from all the rest. He does not box himself into one style of music and has no limits. He has the most anticipated new releases, as his 30,000 fans just never know what he'll put out next, but what they do know is that It'll likely be nothing less than an incredible song or body of work. He has released 3 albums, Good For Nothing, Gem In I & Anastasia. His upcoming release "My Side Of The Story" is coming soon.

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