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Chris Hughes, known as BRUUS (Bring Reality Uncut Utilizing Sound)[pronounced "Bruise"] is a multi-talented artist/producer from Chicago. He discovered hip hop through his environment, noting the Geto Boyz "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" as the first song he remembers. 

His gruff tone mixed with syrupy melodies and very witty  metaphors cover the topics of overcoming the worst of setbacks and reflecting on growth from life on the street to legit entrepreneurship. He has dropped 3 albums, and has worked with the likes of Yo Gotti, Pusha T, Bump J, Mistah F.A.B., opened for Cardi B, Lil Bibby, PNB Rock, and many others and has both produced for and toured with countless independent acts across the nation. He won an Underground Music Award for his first EVER single "I'm Raw" and has had music featured in FakeShoreDrive, The Source, XXL, and several other publications. 

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